Vintage movie, stage and TV stars

I wasn’t really sure how to organise this, as there is just so much information, so I’ve done it by name and by decade – let me know if you think I’ve missed anyone important out!.


4 thoughts on “Vintage movie, stage and TV stars”

  1. I love your site! I have a suggestion for a film style icon … A couple of books has been written about his sense of style & he was photographed by Beaton & Steichen amongst others … His patents emigrated from England to the States and he was born in the small Western town of Helena Montana … He was sent to England as a child to boarding school and returned home when WWI broke out … Made many silent movies and went on to be one of the most popular Movie Stars of all times starring with a breathtaking list of actresses … All American with a British sense of style … Gary Cooper

  2. Dear Mary, I dont remember you have given fair relevance for two major Hollywood vintage stars: Merle Oberon and David Niven (sorry if you did and haven’t seen). Merle was dazzling and very chic, worldwide known, prestigious, and idolized in the 1930s and 1940s beyond has starred the first version of “Wuthering Heights” (Billy Wyler, 1939) and “A Song to Remember” (Charles Vidor, 1945) in the memorable role of Chopin’s great love – Geoge Sand. David Niven needs no introduction and was an icon of elegance and charm…

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