Vintage Models & Style Icons

My collection of favourite vintage models: If you think I’ve missed anyone important please comment and let me know – I love finding new vintage style icons. You might also like the gallery of vintage TV and movie stars.

10 thoughts on “Vintage Models & Style Icons”

  1. Your attribution of the image of Peggy Moffit is correct. It’s not Penelope Tree. One major clue is the shoe which was a style of the early 60s. Tree was the 70s, not 60s. The other give away is the profile. Tree does not have the same bone structure as Moffit.

    1. Ha ha – I can only imagine how delighted they would be! How could I not include them though – apparently 80s counts as vintage now… (hence Cindy) and I just felt I couldn’t leave Kate Moss out – she’s too fab!

  2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, were not also professional models and are listed… Why Princess Grace Kelly Grimaldi and Audrey Hepburn don’t? Very unfair, Mary. 😦

    1. ah, that’s because it’s models AND style icons on this page. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are listed under ‘Stage and Screen’
      You see there’s method to my madness… 😉

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