New Year, New Blog!

Rio Carnival

New year, new blog! I wanted to share my new blogging resolution with you. It’s very different to my vintage blog which you can still find here, it’s a ‘draw one thing each day’ blog. Hopefully I’ll get to grips with drawing on an iPad and also get better at drawing. Here are some of my sketches so far. There are lots more on my blog: Draw Me a River, so it would be great if you could pop over there and give me a follow!

Thanks, and happy 2015 everyone! x
Above: Rio Carnival
Below: Amy Winehouse, A Sixties Style Paper Doll and my new blog logo!Amy Winehouse

Printable Paper Doll 1960s

Draw Me a River


One thought on “New Year, New Blog!”

  1. Hi there, I go by the moniker sherylyangster and just like you I’m a blogger as well. I write about my opinions regarding social issues and life experiences i have had to go through. I would really love for you to check out my blog and share your opinions with me! have a great day:)

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